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Bars are easy to consume food that provide mainly carbohydrates to increase energy and improve physical capacity in training, they may contain other macronutrients that provide various benefits.
The protein bars provide high amounts of protein for growth and maintenance of muscle mass, and may also contain different proportions of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients to support performance and health.
The bars are perfect before and after training as appetizer, and are also perfect for use as a meal replacement, they allow to maintain energy, nourish the muscles and balance a poor diet.
The percentage of each macronutrient that contains each bar determines the purpose and benefits of each product. The bars with high proportions of simple carbohydrates provide immediate and explosive energy, complex carbohydrates provide a slow release for continuous power supply and sustained.
Protein bars are ideal for performance in strength sports or anaerobic, they provide nutrients that help maintain muscle mass during growth promotion, while supporting carbohydrate energy metabolism. Each formula provides varying amounts of fat and sugars, and vitamins and minerals.
The bars are used as food in the sports nutrition and consumed as well as snack or meal replacement. In this section you will find both protein bars, as carbohydrate, oatmeal, energy bars and recuperative bars.
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