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L-Carnitine is a molecule created by your organism itself for fat burning , You also can ingest it externally as it is found on many foods, specially in meat. Among its main functions it helps to metabolize food into energy and also promotes growth and development. Indicators such as muscle fatigue or cramps may be due to a lack of this molecule. As other supplements, in addition to the food, you can take it in capsule or liquid (faster absorption) and usually it is taken before training.


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    1. Know the Benefits of L-Carnitine to Burn Fats
    2. How Does L-Carnitine Work?
    3. Presentations of L-Carnitine

Know the Benefits of L-Carnitine to Burn Fats

L-Carnitine is a transporter that carries the lipids or fatty acids to the mitochondria, cellular organelle responsible for producing energy in the cell from such fatty acids.

Many people use L-Carnitine to lose weight, as a supplement to their low-fat high-protein diet and daily exercise to achieve the goal of burning calories and this is translated into a visible loss of body fat.

How Does L-Carnitine Work?

If we want to obtain L-Carnitine benefits for our body and aesthetics, it is indispensable to understand how it works. In the first place, it is useless to ingest it if we do not accompany its consumption with an exercise program that has the intensity and duration adequate to generate fat burning.

The exercises that fulfill this function are those of an aerobic nature. In turn, the energy demand that these must have for the mobilization of lipids to take place, must be quite high. Therefore, we recommend intensive aerobics classes, go out for a run or an indoor cycling session, as well as go out and ride a bike.

The duration of the exercise should exceed 40 minutes. If we choose to go for a walk to meet these weight loss goals, we should opt for an intense rhythm walk, not stop and make sure we take a bottle of water so we do not exhaust ourselves and end up leaving halfway.

Presentations of L-Carnitine

This nutrient is also present in nature, as is the case of red meats. However, the amount contained in a steak is not enough to meet the fat-burning effect, so we will choose the commercial presentations of the compound, which is concentrated and ready to begin to take effect from the first take.

The presentations with which we have today are L-Carnitine injection, capsules, such as L-Carnitine gnc, Acetyl L-Carnitine or L-Carnitine Carnipure, among others and vials and also drinkable carnitine.

These products are excellent for controlling body fat and allowing exercise to have the effect we want. We eat them from one to three times a day, in the case of oral presentations, and we always do it with a glass of water along with our meals. In short, we will begin to see results that will surprise us, both for its speed and for the impact of the effect.