El Sirope de Arándanos de 2BSlim es un exquisito aderezo dulce diseñado con un formulación de bajo contenido en grasas. Además, aporta un mínimo de calorías. El Sirope de Arándanos de 2BSlim mejora el sabor de los postres logrando saborizar la dieta sin remordimientos. También aporta ciertas propiedades antioxidantes.

Cranberry syrup - 250 ml

3,90 €

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Cranberry Syrup from 2BSlim: Sweeten Your Desserts & Breakfasts

Cranberry Syrup from 2BSlim is prepared with 100% natural cranberry and water, and best of without SUGAR.

Cranberry Syrup from 2BSlim is an exquisite perfect complement for desserts. Thanks to its formulation and development process, it provides neither carbohydrates, fat nor sugar. These berries also offer properties for the treatment of certain urinary disorders, besides being rich in antioxidants. Cranberry Syrup from 2BSlim is made with natural cranberries, thus achieving a high biological quality dressing included in the 0% product line of 2BSlim. 

Cranberries are berries that have very few sugars in its composition and also these fruits are rich in antioxidants and flavonoids. It has astringent and antidiarrheal properties because they are rich in components that stop the growth of bacteria. It is used in the treatment of the digestive tract ailments such as diarrhea, poor digestion, intestinal inflammations and gastroenteritis. The desserts taste great with a traditional cranberry syrup, containing sugars and other ingredients, but Cranberry Syrup from 2BSlim offers the traditional flavor with 0% sugar and contributes only 1 kcal for a serving.

Cranberry Syrup from 2BSlim is a sweet dressing perfect to be consumed by people who are dieting to reduce weight, but that will not stop taste delicious desserts. It is also ideal for weight maintenance, improves food healthy. 2BSlim has presented this syrup in a practical and sturdy plastic bottle of 250 milliliters with an anti-drip system, to add just the right amount to food without spilling a single drop.

The formula Cranberry Syrup from 2BSlim does not contain gluten, sugar or lactose and it can be consumed by vegetarians and vegans. It offers an exquisite original flavor of cranberries. It can be used to sweeten some drinks and flavor desserts.


Facts of Cranberry Syrup from 2BSlim:

  • No sugar.
  • Made with natural ingredients.
  • Exquisite taste of cranberries.
  • Suitable for vegans and vegetarians.
  • Includes an anti-drip system.

Cranberry Syrup from 2BSlim also provides all the antioxidant properties of the cranberries in your food, managing to improve the vitality of your body.

2BSlim is a brand that develops a line of low-calorie sauces, which are a perfect complement to healthier foods. The Cranberry Syrup from 2BSlim can be ingested by athletes and healthy people who want to improve their diets.

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Original label

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