Cinnamon Syrup from 2BSlim is a delicious no-calorie dressing that is developed from an innovative formula with cinnamon. Cinnamon Syrup from 2BSlim achieves an exquisite flavor and also has the natural properties of the Cinnamon acting on different areas of the body.

Cinnamon syrup - 250 ml

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    Cinnamon Syrup from 2BSlimThe sweet Taste of Cinnamon in a no-calorie Sauce.

    Cinnamon Syrup from 2BSlim is designed with 100% natural ingredients.

    Cinnamon Syrup from 2BSlim belongs to a new line of sauces that offer a variety of delicious flavors, which allow you to feel the intense flavors of food when a weight loss diet is followed, or take care of own nutrition is desired. Cinnamon Syrup from 2BSlim is perfect to flavor healthy foods and stay in shape while taking care of the nutrition. No-calorie syrups with sweet flavors developed by 2BSlim offer traditional and innovative flavors that are prepared with selected ingredients, which are able to maintain the original qualities of the desserts, but no calories, fat or sugar.

    Cinnamon Syrup from 2BSlim has a cinnamon-based formula, offering properties that reduce swelling of the abdomen, help to achieve a slight digestion, while preventing stomach upset. Cinnamon is considered one of the seven major natural antioxidants and has the ability to provide protection to the body's cells, both to decrease over the years as to protect the skin from external agents. Sweet syrups created by 2BSlim contain no calories, and are the perfect product to accompany the diet's healthy foods such as pancakes, biscuits fiber, desserts, ice cream and different foods and beverages that help maintain the line.

    Cinnamon Syrup from 2BSlim can be consumed by athletes and sportsmen, and all those who follow a diet to reduce weight, or want to take care of own nutrition. It helps take care the diet strictly and allows to enjoy sweet foods, desserts and snacks without leaving the diet or eating food off the diet or harm the health.

    Cinnamon Syrup from 2BSlim is packaged in a PET plastic bottle of 250 milliliters, which has a practical anti-drip system that dispenses the product in the exact portion.

    Facts of Cinnamon Syrup from 2BSlim:

    • Ideal product to flavor diet's desserts.
    • Neither sugar nor fat.
    • No gluten.
    • Anti-drip system that prevents stain your hands.

    Cinnamon Syrup from 2BSlim also provides properties that improve the well-being of the body. The Cinnamon Syrup cannot be missed to optimize the flavors of your diet and also helps control the level of blood sugar.

    Reviews Cinnamon Syrup - 250 ml

    • 11/23/2017

    No lo he probado, el sabor de la canela me gusta y sin azucar ni grasa

      • 11/23/2017

      Aun no lo he probado

        • 01/24/2017


          • 12/22/2016

          No me gusta el sabor ni textura demasiado líquida y regustor muy fuerte

            • 09/12/2016

            Muy rico. La textura es muy densa pero con la avena se come muy bien.

              • 08/17/2016

              Bom mas um pouco enjoativo

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