Chocolate Syrup from 2BSlim is a delicious sweet sauce that does not add calories. Chocolate Syrup from 2BSlim offers an exquisite taste to a diet's healthy foods. This product is developed from a formula that provide all the properties of cocoa, which brings many benefits to the body.

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Chocolate Syrup from 2BSlim: Who can resist the Chocolate?

You will need no longer to resist the sweet taste of chocolate, thanks to Chocolate Syrup from 2BSlim.

It is the perfect complement for desserts, pancakes, or even drinks, and continue watching your weight and nutrition to look good, because it contains neither sugar nor fat, and only contributes 1 calorie per serving. 2BSlim has designed a variety of sauces with delicious flavors to allow you to enjoy food in any diet to reduce weight, or if you simply want to improve the taste of your food to keep fit.

Chocolate Syrup from 2BSlim is a sweet syrup that provides all the flavor of chocolate and is made with a formula low in fat and with minimal calorie intake. Now you can flavor all the desserts and also feel good. It is a product that is prepared with water and 100% natural cocoa, which is included in the line 0% sauces of the renowned brand 2BSlim. The Chocolate Syrup from 2BSlim is a delicious dressing for desserts that also improves the vitality of the body, thus offering a product of high biological quality. It is made with cocoa, which contains numerous properties and health benefits, because they are high in minerals and vitamins, and is of an exquisite taste and can be used in all kinds of food.

Cocoa is a food that has antioxidant properties. It also contains a high level of vitamin C, fiber and serotonin; thus turning this into a valuable food ingredient. The traditional chocolate syrup used in desserts has a delicious taste of chocolate but contains a high percentage of sugar and other ingredients that potentially increase calories, but the Chocolate Syrup from 2BSlim achieves the traditional taste but with 0% sugar and without gluten. The formula of Chocolate Syrup from 2BSlim is also suitable to be eaten by vegetarians and vegans.

2BSlim offers Chocolate Syrup from 2BSlim in a sturdy plastic container of 250 milliliters which also has a novel anti-drip system, so you can take it anywhere and use it, and not waste even a drop of the product.

Facts of Chocolate Syrup from 2BSlim:

  • Delicious chocolate flavor
  • Does not contain sugar.
  • Very low in carbohydrates and fats
  • Ideal for desserts and pancakes

Chocolate Syrup from 2BSlim offers antioxidant qualities of cocoa in your desserts, and improves the body's energy. In addition it can ingested when you want, with your desserts or favorite foods.

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Original label

Reviews Chocolate Syrup - 250 ml

  • 01/09/2017

No sabe a chocolate, pero te ayuda cuando haces las sosas tortitas de salvado de avena ;)

    • 08/18/2016

    No esta mal algo fuerte el toque final pero para añadir a tus creps de avena sin aportar calorías va genial.

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