Caramel Syrup from 2BSlim is a delicious dressing that contains no calories. Caramel Syrup from 2BSlim gives flavor and complements almost every healthy food; improving the flavor of desserts, allowing you to enjoy all the traditional flavors of food but on a diet for weight control.

Caramel syrup - 250 ml

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      What do you take it for? Give flavor
      How is it taken? Add to food
      Size per dose One service
      How many times? From one to several times a day
      When should it be taken? Desayuno y entre comidas
      Usos Feeding

      Caramel Syrup from 2BSlimThe Sweetest Taste Slimline.

      Caramel Syrup from 2BSlim has a formula developed to provide all the delicious taste of caramel cream without adding calories.

      2BSlim designed this product which is in its innovative line of 0% sauces. This magnificent Caramel Syrup from 2BSlim is a delicious dressing that can be applied to all desserts and has become an essential dietary supplement because it provides neither carbohydrates, fat nor sugar. This is developed with 100% natural ingredients, which also improve the vitality of the body, thus providing a high quality and healthy syrup. The desserts really obtain a new and exquisite taste with Caramel Syrup from 2BSlim featuring the original flavor but with 0% sugar and only 1 kcal for each serving.

      It is a syrup that allows you to enjoy the best and most delicious desserts when going on  a diet to lose weight, so one must maintain consistency and eat healthy foods. Syrups from 2Bslim offer traditional and innovative flavors and are made with selected ingredients, maintaining the original properties of sweet foods, but with no calories, fat or sugar. Caramel Syrup from 2BSlim is a sweet sauce ideal to be eaten by all people who follow a diet or want to take care of their nutrition, as it is a product that improves the taste of food in completely healthy manner.

      Caramel Syrup from 2BSlim comes in plastic bottle of 250 milliliters, made of a resistant PET plastic which also has an anti-drip system for dispensing the product. Besides this sweet sauce has a formula with no gluten, sugar or lactose that is suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Caramel Syrup from 2BSlim is a very useful dressing because it provides the original delicious caramel taste without providing the disadvantages of traditional syrups. It can also be used to sweeten some drinks, such as milk, and improve the taste of it, or provide a special touch to a protein shake. Sweet no-calorie dressings are ideal to flavor healthy diet foods, pancakes, biscuits, desserts, ice cream and all meals that keep the line and health.


      Facts of Caramel Syrup from 2BSlim:

      • Is developed with natural ingredients.
      • Contains no sugar or gluten.
      • Without carbohydrates or fats
      • Includes an anti-drip system
      • Resistant plastic bottle

      Caramel Syrup from 2BSlim also causes a beneficial effect on the body, because it enhances vitality and energy, and can be consumed two to three times a day, along with desserts or your favorite beverage. 


      Reviews Caramel Syrup - 250 ml

      • 09/23/2017

      Muy bueno y definitivamente le da otro sabor a los postres y sin sentir remordimientos.

        • 09/21/2017

        Perfecto para acompañar los desayunos, postres..

          • 06/14/2017

          Esta bastante bueno de sabor.

            • 06/14/2017

            Para las tortitas dulces con claras de huevo

              • 05/16/2017

              Tiene un sabor agradable. Se puede poner a frutas, tostadas, yogures...

                • 05/09/2017

                En tortas de espelta y con requesón. Buenísimo!!

                  • 04/26/2017

                  De sabor esta bueno pero no me gusta mucho la textura que tiene. Pero en general bien.

                    • 03/20/2017

                    Bien pero no me termina de convencer, es muy liquido y el sabor bastante artificial.

                      • 03/20/2017

                      Le da un toque especial a todos mis desayunos. Sabor conseguido, no empalaga. Buenísimo

                        • 02/22/2017

                        No está muy bueno de sabor, pero extrañamente, al final, tiene un gustillo que te engancha

                          • 12/08/2016

                          Speravo fosse più buono

                            • 12/05/2016

                            Bom sabor sem ser artificial

                              • 10/11/2016

                              El olor me tiro un poco hacia atrás, y su liquidez también. Aún así, está bueno y repetiré.

                                • 09/12/2016

                                Muy rico. La textura es muy densa pero con la avena se come muy bien.

                                  • 09/12/2016

                                  Sabor muy logrado , suave y perfecto para darle un toque a las tortitas.

                                    • 08/17/2016

                                    Primeira vez que provei o sabor a caramelo, não é mau, mas não sabe realmente a caramelo

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