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Isotonic Drink - 1 kg

The Isotonic Drink from 226ERS contains an advanced formula based on amylopectin. 226ERS has designed this product especially based on carbohydrates and electrolytes that reactivate the body, restoring the adequate energy levels to obtain maximum performance in each training or competition. The Isotonic Drink from 226ERS is ideal for all sports.

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    The Isotonic Drink from 226ERS also reestablishes the mineral salts that are consumed when there is a high level of sweating, caused by a hot climate or sports activities.

    The Isotonic Drink from 226ERS is made with ingredients such as carbohydrates and electrolytes. It is a perfect drink to be eaten in sports practice, training and competitions. Quickly replenishes the mineral salts consumed by the body during periods of high temperature.

    In addition, it is a drink of easy dissolution and digestion, which brings energy to the human body and replaces electrolyte losses, thus maintaining performance, delaying the symptoms of fatigue and maintaining an optimal state of hydration. The formula developed for this product also brings the electrolytes to normal levels, thus preventing dehydration.

    The Isotonic Drink is also fortified with vitamins that support the correct metabolic energy process, also reducing the fatigue during the activity.

    The Isotonic Drink from 226ERS is a product of a moderate energy value, which provides energy and mineral salts while performing physical activity. During competitions the body requires large amounts of energy, and that's when The Isotonic Drink restores the mineral salts consumed, achieving an extra energy.

    This food supplement is designed based on amylopectin and also contains vitamins, minerals and beta alanine; ingredients that maintains the energy levels and an optimum state of hydration that stimulates to achieve the maximum performance.

    Amylopectin is a carbohydrate that delivers energy in a simple and fast way. The The Isotonic Drink from 226ERS also has a high content of mineral salts, such as sodium, zinc and chlorine, which quickly replenish the electrolyte losses caused by sweat and maintains an adequate level of hydration.

    The Isotonic Drink from 226ERS helps maintain the proper functioning of muscles, also reducing the appearance of cramps.

    Facts of The Isotonic Drink from 226ERS:

    • Contributes energy in a moderate way, also helping to maintain the physical performance. It slows down the onset of fatigue.
    • Restores electrolyte levels in the body, preventing dehydration.

    The Isotonic Drink from 226ERS is perfect to carry and consume while doing sports activities. This burst of energy achieves better results in each workout. It is a sports product that can not be missed in your daily diet. 

    Recommended use: 226ERS recommends ingestion of this product as a dietary supplement, before, during and at the end of activities and physical exercises. The Isotonic Drink from 226ERS must be consumed to restore lost mineral salts. You should mix 20 grams of product diluted in 1 liter of water. It can also be combined with other products that provide energy, such as gels or bars.

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