Energy Drink from 226ERS contains an innovative formula and is an energy drink specially prepared for training sessions and prolonged competitions. In addition, the Energy Drink from 226ERS has the ability to perform the required hydration load before the competition. 226ERS has created this product to optimize the body during physical activity.

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  • Palm oil free
  • Gluten Free
  • Lactose Free
  • Vegan
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What do you take it for? Energy, stamina and fatigue is delayed, Gain muscle mass
How is it taken? , Water
Size per dose From one to two services
How many times? Once or twice a day
When should it be taken? During and / or after physical activity
Usos Performance increase

Energy Drink from 226ERS is a sports drink that provides the necessary energy to the human body to withstand long sessions of physical exercise.

This sports product provides fast and lasting energy to be used in the most intense workouts. In addition, the Energy Drink from 226ERS comes in a refreshing and natural flavor and also stimulates the proper functioning of fat metabolism. It contains in its formula a combination of carbohydrates that avoid the peaks of insulin. It is a product that provides energy and does not contain sugars.

Energy Drink from 226ERS has in its formula Amylopectin, a complex carbohydrate that stimulates the rapid absorption of energy and also optimizes absorption. 226ERS has also included L-Carnitine that helps metabolize fats in training, achieving the use of fats as a source of energy and saving the use of glycogen. It is perfect for long term sports.

The Taurine containing the Energy Drink from 226ERS has a vasodilator action, increasing the transport of oxygen to the muscles.

In addition, Energy Drink comes in an absolutely natural flavor. It does not contribute to the body an excess of salts, reason why can be consumed combined with isotonic drinks and capsules of salts.

Energy Drink from 226ERS is strengthened with vitamins, has no gluten, no sugars, or lactose.

The low level of carnitine in muscle tissue interferes with the oxidation of fats during exercise. 

The consumption of Energy Drink from 226ERS with L-carnitine increases the concentration in the muscle, thus increasing the rate of intramuscular oxidation of fatty acids and triglycerides in physical activity. 

A high oxidation rate decreases the use of muscle glycogen, decreasing the symptoms of fatigue.

Supplements with L-carnitine prevent accumulation of lactate, achieving a better performance in high intensity exercises.

It is recommended to ingest the Energy Drink from 226ERS by mixing 50 grams of product in half a liter of water and shake. Consume during the exercise of 150 to 200 milliliters every 15 to 20 minutes of sports activity.

Energy Drink from 226ERS also provides carbohydrates during the period of hydrates loading for the marathon, long distance triathlons, etc.

Energy Drink from 226ERS is a hypotonic drink containing amylopectin, vitamins and L-carnitine.

Energy Drink from 226ERS is powdered energy ready to prepare. Its main asset is amylopectin, which is an easily dissolvable carbohydrate. This formula is completed with L-carnitine, taurine, vitamins and minerals.

The main effects of Energy Drink from 226ERS is that it contributes energy that maintains the sport performance in the physical activity and endurance competitions.

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