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Energetic bar - 60g

The Energetic bar of 226ERS, in an excelent food product that has been made with 100 % natural ingredients and contains no gluten. The Energetic bar of 226ERS comes in a delicious flavour and it´s also fortified with BCAAs. This product acts as a source of instant energy and helps digestion.

    The energetic bar of 226ERS is made with the highest quality ingredients, dry fruits and almonds.


    It´s a  combination of carbohydrates of fast asimilation and provides energy instantly improving the performance in sports activity.

    The Energetic Bar of 226ERS has a soft texture wich is easy to chew and is made with ingredients wich improve the digestive process. Is a source of energy wich also contains in it´s  formula BCAAs. 

    The Energetic Bar must be eaten during the trainings or sports activities, but can be also used as snack.

    This nutritious product is a snack of exquisit flavour and also very nutritive. The Energetic Bar  of 226ERS provides the organism a mix of carbohydrates. It´s formula is developed with 8 vitamines that improved the conversion of carbohydrates in energy.

    This food complement is made of natural fruits and almonds and contains no gluten. The Energetic Bar  of 226ERS is a source of efficient energy due to the carbohydrates that provides, it´s easy to chew and comes in different flavours.

    226ERS has used in this formula ingredients that stimulate the digestion. It´s also a food complement of high energetic value wich delays the appereance of fatigue in the organism.

    The Energetic Bar of 226ERS provides the human body Proteins, Carbohydrates, Lipids, Fiber y Sodium. It also contains Vitamin C, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin PP 9, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Vitamin B5, Vitamin B9 and Vitamin E.

    With the Energetic bar of 226ERS is possible to provide energy before or during the exercises, in a fast and simple way. It´s perfect for sports of resistence in the open air or to stimulate the recovery after the physical activity for it´s combination of simple and complex carbohydrates of this formula. It´s a product enriched with vitamins.

    The formula of the Energetic bar has 8 vitamins y contains no gluten. It´s also low in sodium and has an incredible flavour.

    The  Energetic Bar of 226ERS provides energy instantly during the exercises, increases the resistance in physical activity, covers the requeriment of vitamins y minerals, reduces the appereance of tiredness and fatigue and improves the recovery.

    The Energetic bar is idéal to provide an energy explosion in special times of physical efforts. Each bar provides 213.6 kcal that come from the 44.6 grams of carbohydrates wich deliver energy instantly for it´s high percentage of simple carbohydrates. Is a product that can be also eaten at any time of the day.

    This product of 226ERS provides energy inmediately and can be consumed by athletes of endurance that have  intense activities and need energy inmediately. Also by athletes of resistence, and it´s perfect for a race, triathlon, running or background sport.

    Also they can be used in trips to the nature, hiking and alpinism.

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