Coll-egg from 226ERS is a food supplement based on egg membrane, herbal extracts and calcium, ideal to reduce joint pain, support the regeneration of ligaments, reduce inflammation and enjoy a proper maintenance of bones or connective tissues. Recommended for athletes or people who want greater flexibility or agility.

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Coll-egg from 226ERS: excellent combination to reduce the pain in the joints and to favor an optimum regeneration.

Coll-egg from 226ERS is a dietary supplement based on egg membrane, herbal extracts and calcium that helps to reduce joint pain, improves connective tissue flexibility, reduces inflammation, slows down tendon wear and stimulates proper maintenance of bones or ligaments.

It is a natural and much healthier alternative for athletes who want to take care of their joints against injury or stiffness, it is also suitable for any other person who wants to enjoy a full and agile life. Starting with the egg membrane incorporated into this authentic 226ERS formula, it is a natural product very rich in protein and essential nutrients for the treatment of joints associated with pain. One of the main advantages is that it reduces discomfort, regenerates the cartilage, strengthens the joints and contributes to the immune system.

On the other hand, Coll-egg from 226ERS contains calcium, but a more assimilable and natural type that favors a rapid absorption. In addition, it contains trace elements such as strontium that supports the consolidation of the bones. As for herbal extracts, we have turmeric, black pepper and Boswellia serrata, which are natural ingredients that offer many benefits to the health of connective tissues. First, they relieve the pain of arthritis, prevent cell oxidation, and, on the other hand, have anti-inflammatory properties that protect against joint swelling. Fortunately, Coll-egg from 226ERS brings to our comfort all these advantages for the well-being of the joints, with the good news that comes in a format easy to carry, ingest and of course of fast digestion to obtain good results from the first take.

Facts of Coll-egg from 226ERS

  • Contains egg membrane, herbal extracts and calcium
  • Decreases joint pain
  • Improves flexibility and returns the mobility of connective tissues
  • Stimulates proper maintenance of bones and ligaments
  • Stimulates cartilage regeneration
  • Ideal for sportsmen or anyone who wants a nimble life
  • Quick assimilation
  • 100% guaranteed consumption
  • Pack of 60 easy to carry and swallow capsules

It is normal that, during a high intensity workout or a competition, the tendons or joints are affected due to the great stress with which they are submitted by the physical effort. However, living with discomfort prevents a full life, so taking Coll-egg from 226ERS is a wise decision to restore flexibility, regenerate tissues and stimulate healthy maintenance.

Recommended use: as a dietary supplement, take 1 capsule daily and in case of intensive treatment take 2 capsules. With previous appointment with a specialist.

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