Termotec Advanced Man Stack

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Termotec Advanced Man Stack

Multi-action Thermogenic Accelerator

Nutrytec Sport goes one step further by reformulating the already unparalleled Termotec. Termotec Advanced is a double matrix with ephedrine and geranium special for those athletes who despite their huge efforts understand that diet and training are not enough.

  • STACK 1x (Red Capsule) This powerful formula helps to sculpt your body at your own will. The organism protects itself against nutrients deprivation and thus slows down the metabolism. Thanks to the actives in Stack 1x, metabolism is activated which makes possible the attack against the most rebellious fat from different fronts. Metabolism and thermogenesis are increased, apart from stimulating thyroid hormone production (which works directly on fat synthesis and degradation). Moreover, this formula has a complex of ingredients that improves bioavailability of all its components so that they are more effective and for longer.
  • STACK 2x (Yellow Capsule) The best fat burner is your own body. There is a fundamental factor in fat burning: limited caloric intake through a restrictive and healthy diet and the necessary willpower to control the food in very stressful days. That is why the Nutrytec-Sport Lab wanted to design an effective Stack to tell our brain that it is not hungry and thus the restriction of food stops being a problem. Therefore, Stack 2x by Termotec Advanced helps to control the appetite and anxiety for carbohydrates with high glycemic index. Moreover, it is a powerful diuretic and depurative to drain the toxins once the localized fat has melted. It should be noted its insulin regulatory function (avoiding peaks that promote fat storage and falls in energy during the day) as well as cortisol, the hormone responsible for degrading the protein on your muscles in stressful and over-training situations.


Directions: Take one capsule from each Stack, twice per day. One on an empty stomach before breakfast, and the other with the main meal. Do not exceed the recommended dose. Do not consume in a period inferior to 4 hours before bedtime because it could cause sleep problems.


Box with two containers of 60 capsules each. 120 capsules total.

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