SizeOn Maximum Performance® - 2.84 lbs

SizeOn Maximum Performance® - 2.84 lbs

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SizeOn? Maximum Performance
Intra-Training hybrid formula: hydroisolate of whey protein + creatine + Matrix of carbohydrates Outlast?.

  • It accelerates the protein synthesis, the muscular recovery and the force
  • It increases the musuclar volume, the size of fibers, the volume of the cells and the amino acid levels.
  • Advanced carbohydrate matrix Outlast?
  • It initiates and maintains the miogenesis and the muscular recovery while you are training
  • It contributes to the vital nutrients, essential minerals and cofactors of growth in muscular fibers.
  • It includes 12 grams of growth boosters: hydrolizate of whey and 5 grams of leucine per dose.
  • With the novel compound LOLA?, L-ornitine salt-L-aspartate

Gaspari Nutrition has taken one more step with SizeOn, the original intra-training drink. There was no doubt that it represents an advance to the category of the creatine. SizeOn has clearly demonstrated in clinical environments that it destroyed to its competition and quickly made itself known as the King of the creatine.

As the investigation advances SizeON has also done it, proclaiming itself as the hybrid intra-training formula of hydroisolate of whey and creatine and aa advanced matrix of Carbohydrates: Outlast?.

SizeOn? Pre-Contest contains 12 grams of hydrolizate of high quality that contains more than the 50% of tri- and di-peptides, a matrix of creatine specifically designed PhosphoDrive Endurance Complex, advanced Carbohydrate matrix: Outlast?,as well as a great variety of anabolic ingredients L-Leucine (5g).

In addition SizeOn? Pre-Contest contains the innovator LOLA?. A compound of vanguard composed with L-Orinitine and L-Aspartate to fight the muscular fatigue.

Gaspari Nutrition has outdone itself once again with SizeOn? Maximum Performance!


How to take SizeOn? Maximum Performance?

As dietary supplement, take it in the days of training while you are training. Mix one spoonful with 600-800 ml of cold water and drink throughout the training. If necessary, add more water throughout the training for a suitable hydration.


Supplement Facts
Size per dose: 66 (1 dispensers)
Doses per package: 24per dose
of the fat
Total fat
saturated fat
fats trans
Total carbohydrates
dietary fiber
180 kcal
0 kcal
0 g
0 g
0 g
15 mgs
39 g
0 g
37 g
7 g
Vitamin C
B6 vitamin
B12 vitamin
Pantoteico acid
60 mgs
10 mgs
7.6 mgs
50 mgs
16.8 mgs
200 mcg
75 mcg
9 mgs
51 mgs
103 mgs
45 mgs
280 mgs
125 mgs
SizeOn Own Blend 61.1 g
Outlast? [Palatinose? (Isomaltulose, D-Glucose, Trehalose, Pterostilbene)]

Protein Synthesis Aceleration Matrix [Hydroisolate of whey protein, L-Leucine (5g), L-Isoleucine, L-Valine, L-Ornitine-L-Aspartate]

OsmoDrive Advanced Hydratation Complex [L-taurine, Sodium glycerophosphate, Calcium glycerophosphate, potassium glycerophosphate, Sustamine? (L-Alanil-L-Glutamine)]

PhosphoDrive Endurance Complex [Monohydrate of Creapure? creatine, MagnaPower? Creatine (chelate magnesium creatine), Disodium Creatine Phosphate]

Other ingredients: Malic acid, citric acid, salt, silica, natural and artificial flavor, Red FD&C #40, potassium acesulfame, sucralose, FD&C Blue #1, FD&C blue #2. Allergen information: It contains milk.

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