Six Pack Fitness Bag -Medium

Six Pack Fitness Bag -Medium

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6 Pack Fitness Bag. The organizing Thermal bag most complete!

The unique bag where everything that you need fits!

Includes 3 Tupperwares!

6 Pack Fitness presents the new 6 Pack Bag, an organizing thermal bag for food, drinks, shakes and proteins and everything what a sportsman or bodybuilder needs in their events. This small suitcase is ideal for any displacement since it is divided to guarantee all the available space in a compact and safe way.

The new 6 Pack Bag has a frontal compartment with space for 3 tapers or plastic containers to store the meals; lateral divisions to place drinks and glasses for shakes as well as protein containers, the settings and fruit. In addition, in the superior part it hass a tray with divisions so that the supplements in capsules are always well organized. Finally, the new 6 Pack Bag contains 2 ice bags to maintain always all the foods fresh.

The design of 6 Pack Bag is other characteristics that make it so innovating and safe. Made with first quality materials, thermal wadding and a very current design, this super resistant and compact bag becomes the most comfortable and easy to transport accessory, ideal for a competition or sport event. With 6 Pack Bag you will have everything what you need within the reach of your hand, you will not forget anything and you will be able to concentrarte in most important at decisive moments, thinks only about you and you will win!


Uses of 6 Pack Fitness Bag

6 Pack Fitness Bag

Note: It does not include shakers, settings nor other packages.

  • 06/12/2014
  • Ömer K

Sehr sehr gut ein tasche aber echt süper süper geill...

    • 03/31/2014
    • José P

    Ahora esta agotada :( espero que pronto tengan otra vez! Estoy esperando!!

      • 02/19/2014
      • CLAUDIO I

      ottimo accesorio per contenere i pasti giornalieri

        • 03/12/2013
        • GIUSEPPE L

        Davvero comoda e resistente! da oggi potrò portare sempre co me tutto il necessario!

          • 02/19/2013
          • perrier n

          très satisfait de ce produit très pratique bonne qualité de fabrication
          je le recommande

            • 02/01/2013
            • manuel A

            MUY MUY bueno¡¡ahora más q nada para la playa y esas salidas q llevas muxo fuera... q con l crisis q hay..poco curramos ya, pero...para las salidas e incluso las competiciones.. es lo suyo¡ muy aconsejable

              • 01/04/2013
              • EUGENIJUS G

              Justo lo que buscaba, trabajo fuera de casa 12h y necesitaba algo como esta mochila.

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