Receptor Cleaner by Raúl Carrasco - 30 packs

Receptor Cleaner by Raúl Carrasco - 30 packs

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Receptor Cleaner by Raul Carrasco

Raul Carrasco receivers cleaner

Receptor Cleaner It is a new product that is specifically designed to help increase the absorption of nutrients and to regenerate muscle cells faster, faster recovery, translating eventually into more cell proliferation, thus obtaining more lean muscle mass.


Directions: Take a dose of attack of an envelope with breakfast and another envelope with the dinner for 15 days to restructure the entire cell membrane. Then follow with a maintenance dose at breakfast to keep your sensitive and permeable cells. For athletes from more than 90 Kg of weight with intensive training, they can remain taking 2 doses a day.


What do you take it for?
Nutrient increase in muscle cell
How is it taken?
During day and night
Size per dose
1 Pack (8 capsules)
How many times?
Twice a day
When should it be taken?
Capsule / s with meals
  • 05/30/2014
  • xavi g

Un producto realmente interesante, después de estar tomándolo durante un par de meses tal y como especifica en las recomendaciones, puedo decir que a mi personalmente me ha funcionado muy bien, he aumentado de peso y volumen mas rápido q antes cuando no lo tomaba.

    • 01/13/2013
    • oscar P

    Buenos dias, mi nombre es Oscar.
    Queria comentaros,si sabiais como tomar el producto\"receptor cleaner de Raul Carrasco.
    Hice una toma de 15 dias con dos packs por dia.
    Despues una toma de 30 dias de un pack al dia.
    Tal como especifica el producto.Ahora bien como debo continuar las tomas i durante cuanto tiempo es recomendable.Tambien si se pueden tomar vitaminas aparte del receptor cleaner.
    Muchas gracias, atentamente Oscar.

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