MHP DREN - 30Caps Drembuterol 400mg

MHP DREN - 30Caps Drembuterol 400mg

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Advanced complex for the destruction of the fat!

Investigators have discovered a new exclusive component, Beta, that is more promising even than efedra. The scientists have examined the basic Beta form (known like Beta) during years, but unfortunately their predicted short average life of their components does not make it very effective. By this, they combined Beta-PEA with MAO inhibitors, although this was not effective either. In any case, this new form began to be like a promise, giving excellent results. So whereas Beta-Metoxi-Feniletilamine became the ?General? of the war against the fat, some good soldiers added it to Dren to obtain a total destruction of the fatty fat more rebel!

Dren uses its advanced formula to trigger the lipolysis process to burn fats to the maximum. Dren (patented component call DRENBUTEROL) belongs to a compound class known like mesolimbic burning fat Agents Beta. This mechanism of action is similar to the one of the popular one ECA combined (ephedra, caffeine and aspirin), but more similar to the Clenbuterol. And like this one, Dren has more selective and powerful beta-adrenergic fat burners than efedra. In addition, to obtain extreme thermogenic effects, Dren also produces powerful psychoactive euphoric effects.

Mechanism of action

  1. Thermogenic activation
    The Beta-Metoxi-PEA increases the noradrenaline releasing the simpathetic nervous terminals, it increases the adrenalin circulation, the serotonin and the dopamine and with this it accelerates the lipolysis and originate euphoria and excitation.

  2. Inclusion of Alpha 2
    This works like the Clenbuterol heightening much more Beta-Metoxi-PEA to burn fats. And replaces the ephedra, stimulating the beta receivers and activating the alpha receivers to attack the lipolysis, being the most powerful thermogenic agent against the fatty tissue.

  3. Step 3: Activity of fosfodiesterase and adenosin.
    The first one works hydrolizing the cAMP in inactive fragments whereas the adenosin inhibits the accumulation of cAMP stopping the stimulation of HSL and the process of fat reduction. Caffeine has the ability to inhibit fosfodiesterase within the cells and works like blocker of the adenosin receivers.

  4. Step 4: Psychoactive Neuroestimulation
    Dren contains L-5-Hydroxtryptophan that pierces the sanguineous barrier and arrives at the brain. Its psychoactive action derived from the serotonin synthesis in the tissue of the central nervous system. Its effect is to maintain a balance in the serotonin levels and norepinefrine increasing the metabolism of the loss of fat. And, its final result is an extreme sensation of well-being and euphoria.

In summary, Dren will elevate the thermogenic effect of fat burner, it will increase the energy levels, suppresses the appetite and it will induce you in a perfect state of mental euphoria.

Directions: Take 1 capsule a day. Do not consume more than one capsule in a period of 12 hours. Do not surpass the recommended dose.

Supplement Facts
Size of the package: 30 capsules
Dose: 1 capsule

Per dose
Drenbuterol 409 mgs
Mesolimbic Beta complex

Other ingredients: Yellow opaque gelatin capsule, maltodextrin, magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide.

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