Jumbo Professional - 3240 g

What do you take it for? Gaining muscle mass and strength
How is it taken? Dissolve in liquid and mix
Size per dose A distributed service
How many times? Once a day
When should it be taken? Before, during and / or after training
Usos Gain muscle mass

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  • 52 grams of proteins scientifically proven in a 162 g dose
  • Anabolic matrix to develop and to increase ?Jumbo-Size?
  • Fast and slow carbohydrate mixture
  • Developed for people of athletic/normal heigth

We have already demonstrated that JUMBO=DIG! , JUMBO=STRONG! The original formula of JUMBO was designed for those who have a very fast metabolism (hardgainers), or have an extremely high energy demand by their physical activity. The proportions of nutrients of the formula reflect these criteria. The popularity of the product - thanks to its quality and its effectiveness - created the demand to create a specific formula also for those whohave the athletic/normal metabolism, or rather considering the demands of the tipical muscle training. Thus the second member of the JUMBO family was born, Jumbo Professional!

In Jumbo Professional we have changed the proportions to achieve a greater percentage of proteins. Jumbo Professional provides 52 grams of protein of high quality (more than the original one) in such a way that the size of the dose is already only 162 grams. This, obvious, also means that the content in calories and carbohydrates of the formula is lower, since the people with the constitution and type of specific activity for which the product was made, do not need more. Jumbo Professional also contains the carbohydrate complex 6-CARB, that contains carbohydrates with slow and fast absorption, among them oats, Palatinose? and Vitargo?. The anabolic matrix ?JUMBO-SIZE? was developed, and the product now contains more amount!

Jumbo Professional was designed with milk serum protein of fast absorption, so it adapts to its use before, during and after the training, as the more recent scientific researches indicate, achieving the maximum development. Also the fact that you always consume protein sources of slow absorption with the normal solid foods, means, that a continuous entrance of amino acids in our sanguineous circulation exists during 4-6 hours after the meals, for that reason the formulas of nutritional supplementation, preferably, must be made with proteins of fast absorption, mainly if we want to use them at the time of training to achieve optimal results.

Formula without aspartame!

Directions: For the maximum results consume at least a whole dose a day - fit the dose exactly to your corporal weight and your level of physical activity. You can be drinking JUMBO PROFESSIONAL little by little during the day, or consume (a part) at the time of training (before/during/later). Important warning: This product contains active agents that modify the absorption, that can be able to influence in the absorption and the effects of your medecines! Consult your doctor before beginning to use this product!

One dose: 162 g (about 4 scoops of dispensers)
Amounts per each dose%CRD
Calories570 kcal
Proteins52 g104%
(milk serum protein concentrate)
Carbohydrates85 g28%
Sugar24 g
Fats6 g9%
Saturated fats2 g10%
Fiber3 g12%
Cholesterol60 mgs20%
Sodium73 mgs3%
Potassium63 mgs2%
Matrix ?6-CARB?84 g
Oats flour, Palatinose? [carbohydrate of design, time-lag absorption and very under glicemic index], dextrose, maltodextrine, Vitargo? [special carbohydrate, patented, of high molecular weight: average weight of molecules 500,000-700,000], fructose.
Anabolic matrix JUMBO-SIZE PROFESSIONAL12000 mgs?
- CREA-BOMB Matrix multi-vector of creatine of design with 6 developed forms of creatine: tricreatine-malate and dicreatine malate, MicronTec micronized monohydrate of creatine, etil creatine ester (the EEC), orotate of creatine, gluconate of creatine.

- G-BOMB Matrix multivector of glutamine: analog of acetiladed glutamine (acetil N L glutamine), variant of free form amino acid (L glutamine), esterify molecule variant (etil glutamine ester), dipeptide of stable glutamine (Alanile L glutamine)

- JUMBO POWER Matrix to increase the perfromance: Taurine L, beta alanine, G-KICK (Glycine-L-Arginine-Alpha-Ketoisocaproic-Acid), malate of citrulline

- BCAA XPRESS Complex of essential amino acids 100% pure: Leucine L, isoleucine L, L valine.

- HEMO-NO Matrix multivector of nitrogen oxide to help the heating: alpha ketoglutarate arginine, ketoisocaproate arginine, alpha ketoglutarate ornitine.
Intensifiers of absorption50 mgs?
Naringin, Bioperine?
? Established recommended daily Amount.

Other components (chocolate): chocolate cacao, aroma, acesulfame-k, sucralose.
  • 12/23/2014
  • Juan Ignacio P

La calidad se paga y este producto lo vale, aunque si no es para competir con el jumbo normal se va bien

    • 06/17/2014
    • Luís H

    para ganhos de força e ganhos de peso para mim é o melhor no mercado !!

      • 03/19/2014
      • Nathan Q

      Il miglior gainer in circolazione. Provare per credere

        • 01/14/2014
        • Samuel F

        estou a tomar agora e nota-se uma boa recuperação. indicado para aqueles que querem ganhar peso com qualidade

          • 10/13/2013
          • RUBEN DAVID D

          No recomiendo su compra porque tiene espesante y tarda muchísimo en bajar. El Jumbo normal es muchísimo mejor en textura, sabor, resultados y no lleva espesante.

            • 04/05/2013
            • Alberto G

            Es buen subidor solo que no excedas de las dosis porque como lo hagas aumentaras de peso, pero 87%grasa y el resto de musculo (lo cual perderás cuando tengas que quemar toda la grasa ganada). Lo recomendaría es buen producto, tal vez el sabor de galletas sea algo pesado y repetitivo pero por lo demás bien.

              • 03/22/2013
              • Tiago S

              Já tomei este produto, e na minha opinião não é totalmente o melhor, apesar da reconhecida marca não obti grandes resultados, e o preço exigido para tão poucas doses não compensa. Há produtos bastantes melhores a preços mais baixos.

                • 03/20/2013
                • José Luis B

                Un gran post-entrene, tiene una digestión ligera y el sabor plátano está muy bueno y no cansa aunque lleves tiempo tomándolo.

                  • 03/02/2013
                  • andres p

                  Recomendable al 100% se digiere muy bien y los resultados son muy buenos.

                    • 02/18/2013
                    • miguel c

                    de los mejores productos que e probado, es muy eficiente y se notan pronto sus efectos

                      • 01/23/2013
                      • Filipe M

                      the best power to theni train,nice power and very good flavor

                        • 01/15/2013
                        • Alessio F

                        grandioso... ottimo prodotto ed eccede nelle sue qualità... molto dolce e piacevole da ingerire

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