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GH Support - Avanced Formula

The new and revolutionary physical booster!

GH Support Avanced Formula of Vit.O.Best laboratories is a supplement that combines the best herbal and mineral sources and a precise mixture of amino acids with well defined intentions:

  • To stimulate the Growth Hormone
  • Increase of the levels of free Testosterone
  • Diminution of the corporal fat
  • To increase the speed of recovery

The advanced formula of GH Support mix ina synergic way its ingredients to create an anabolic cocktail with which you will be able to achieve your objectives in a clear form.

  • Mucuna pruriens promotes the elevation of the testosterone levels increasing the libido and in addition it elevates in a natural way the dopamine levels, a neurotransmitter responsible of the correct working of the nervous system, that in the daily training helps to improve the concentration.
  • GH Support contains 300 mgs of Tribulus Terrestris to increase the levels of testosterone and LH (Luteinizing hormone).
  • The combination of the amino acids L-Arginine, L-Lysine and Ornitine is the suitable formula to produce growth hormone in a natural way. They work in a synchronous form improving the muscular tissue formation and the vitality of the sportsman. Increasing the force and the muscular resistance. They accelerate the cicatrization of the microinjuries produced by the intense training.
  • The araquidonic acid is an essential fatty acid, Omega-6 that helps the protein synthesis and the muscular creation.
  • The GABA is an amino acid that helps to the regulation of the overexcited nervous cells, increasing and promoting a better recovery after intense sessions of training.
  • Thanks to the ZMA contribution the advanced formula of GH Support increases the resistance, favor the increase of the muscular size, and improves in a remarkable way the sleep, to increase the regeneration and muscular creation while you rest.

GH Support is the perfect parner to amplify the anabolic effects and to elevate the levels of GH and Testosterone while your physicist is developed as fast as you have always dreamed.

Directions: As dietary supplement, take six capsules a day one hour before training. The days of rest it is recommended to divide the habitual dose in two, one in the morning and another one in the evening.

Supplement Facts
Dose: 6 capsules

Extract of Euricoma longifolia150 mgs
Araquidonic acid300 mgs
Extract of Tribulus terrestis 90% 300 mgs
Extract of Mucuna pruriens900 mgs
Ornitine alpha keto glutarate 150 mgs
Ornitina hydrochlorate HCI300 mgs
L-arginine600 mgs
L-lysine600 mgs
ZMA (Magnesium aspartate 450 mgs, monometionine Zinc 120mg) 570 mgs
GABA150 mgs
Extract of sativa Oat 300 mgs
Extract of serrulata Sabal300 mgs
What do you take it for?
Gain muscle mass and stimulate GH and Insulin
How is it taken?
Capsule / s with a glass of water
Size per dose
Six capsules
How many times?
One service
When should it be taken?
Before training
  • 03/13/2014
  • javier m

Realmente funciona, yo lo tomé todos los días, entrenara o no y junto con unas proteínas se nota bastante, te ayuda a asimilar mejor los nutrientes para el musculo, a partir de una semana aproximadamente ya lo notas, que haciendo la misma dieta, ejercicios y tomando los mismos suplementos, creces un poco mas deprisa, el único inconveniente que le encuentro es que no puedes fallar un solo día, no se por qué, pero un día que se te pase tomarlo, te quedas estancado 10 días. en resumen es un buen producto que ofrece resultados visibles en poco tiempo si no fallas en ninguna toma

    • 01/05/2014
    • Jose S

    Lo he probado y a mi no me ha funcionado en absoluto lo que se dice nada de nada, no quiere decir que el producto sea malo, quizás a otras personas les funcione de maravilla

      • 05/17/2013
      • antonio jesus g

      magnifico resultado!...lo recomiendo...buen precio!

        • 02/04/2013
        • jonathan c

        me encanta, todo lo que tiene vitobest, para mi es formidable, incluso su precio es bueno

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