Beta Alanina-150 capsules (Decreases lactic acid)

What do you take it for? Increase brute force, endurance, muscle congestion and capacity to train
How is it taken? Water
Size per dose From one to four capsules
How many times? Once a day
When should it be taken? Before training
Usos Performance increase

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down the lactic acid!

During your hard and intense training, when there is too much demand for energy, the ability of muscles tissues are unable to completely eliminate the lactate, lactate concentration begins to rise... and fatigue begins!

  • pure beta-alanine and Histidine to increase muscle carnosine level!
  • increase your performance and the pace of regeneration!
  • It delays the appearance of fatigue!
  • great for almost all sports!
  • scientifically proven effect!
  • formula DIRACTIVE: only the active ingredients, none of "filling"!
  • does not appear in the list of doping!

The BETA ALANINA formula is capable of efficiently increasing the level of carnosine from muscles, therefore using this product is can reduce the fatigue of the muscles, increase performance and speed up regeneration. all that is scientifically proven!

The BETA ALANINA advantages in the increase of the level of carnosine and in general in comparison to creatine, which makes the product multifaceted, even for non-bodybuilders people, are the following:

  • There is no weight gain direct and sudden (only through the performance of training, better if it is supported by the power). You may therefore maintain the category of regulatory weight in question, along with improved performance.
  • Does not cause water retention.
  • Formulas do not contain stimulants.
  • Contains no other substances that prevent dispensing efficiently and in a personalized way active principles to increase the carnosine (p. ex. stimulants mentioned above).
  • and naturally BETA ALANINA contains no banned substances in doping lists (as well as our creatine)!


Directions: Take 1 serving (each serving = 5 capsules) throughout the day. The ideal dosage would be: For each kg of weight 50 mg of BETA ALANINA

Nutritional profile
Serving: 5 capsules
Beta-alanine4000 mg

Warning: The Beta alanine, like niacin, can cause a sensation of itching in the skin shortly after you take it! Do not worry for this reason, this sensation will diminish over time. This phenomenon can be reduced to the minimum if you take the product with meals and follow the recommended dosage.

  • 12/18/2012
  • Francisco Javier A

Realmente funciona! Lo empecé a tomar dos o tres semanas antes y otras tres semanas durante una temporada de entreno duro y funciona. En otras ocasiones tuve unas agujetas horribles y esta vez más bien nada. Eso sí, al no desarrollar agujetas me pasé con los entrenos y acabé agotado...

También noté escozor e irritación en la piel pero nada por lo que preocuparse, luego se pasa.

Eso sí, cuidado con el sobre entrenamiento...

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