AyurSlim - 60 caps

What do you take it for? Lose fat and inhibit fat absorption
How is it taken? Capsule / s with a glass of water
Size per dose Two capsules
How many times? Twice a day
When should it be taken? After meals
Usos Weight loss

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AyurSlim of Himalayas Herbal Healthcare

Obtain the perfect figure by the most natural way!

AyurSlim hass a safe and effective poliherbaria formula clinically proven, that aid to regulate the fat production and the use of it. This also makes possible to eliminate the desire to consume candies, to optimize the production of energy and the use in the body and makes possible to achieve a slimmer and healthful body.

The capsules of AyurSlim work in 3 different phases to control the corporal weight:

  1. It reduces the appetite, reducing the fat ingestion and carbohydrates.
  2. It makes possible the correct use of the nutrients.
  3. It inhibits the fatty acid synthesis, reducing the fat accumulation in the body.

When the weight of a person exceeds by a 20% of the standard, then it is categorized as obesity or overweight. If it is not controlled, the obesity can cause hypertension, diabetes, arthritis, backache, coronary disease, biliary vesicle disease, cancer and sleep apnea. AyurSlim has a very favorable effect in the reduction of weight and the lipid profiles. AyurSlim is an investigated ayurvedic herbal product, that can be used safely without indirect effect.

Main properties of AyurSlim

  • Very powerful fat burner action
  • It reduces the cholesterol levels in the body
  • It reduces the appetite, facilitating the thinning process
  • It optimizes the use of the glucose in the body, which works in the fat accumulation
  • Natural ayurvedic formula, without indirect effect
  • 100% herbal, 100% safe

AyurSlim is the most natural formula of the market that will help you to be able to burn fats, to lose weight and to reach the figure that you wish more quickly and with the best results!

Directions: As nutritional supplement, take 2 capsules twice a day, 15 minutes after the breakfast and other 2 capsules after eating or having dinner. Use it with a low diet in calories and a program of exercises.

Supplement Facts
Serving size: 4 capsules
Doses per package: 15
per dose

PDr. Balsamodendrom Mukul
Extract of Garcinina Cmabogia
Extract of Gymmema Sylvestre
Extract of Terminalia Chebula
Extract of Trigonella Foneum Graeceum

280 mgs
1200 mgs
40 mgs
40 mgs
40 mgs

Other ingredients: E460, E464
  • 01/08/2015
  • Cristina S

Bastante bom.

    • 12/23/2014
    • Roser B

    Es perfecto para ayudar en las dietes però hay que tener en cuenta que también es importante el ejercicio !!!!

      • 07/02/2014
      • Guillermo M

      Este es un fat burner en calidad/precio sin igual, Hymala es una de las marcas con más prestigio del mundo de la suplementación, apostar por ellas es aportar por la calidad.

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