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Artichoke - 600 mg

Artichoke is known for its diuretic, depurative and digestive properties. Traditionally has been used to benefit biliary secretion and regulate cholesterol levels, action justified for its phenolic acid content.

Its main functions are linked with processes that intervene in digestion; it has eupeptic, choleretic, cholagogue, antiemetic, appetizer and slightly laxative functions, why is why it is used in cases of lazy liver and poor digestion of fats.

Different studies have pointed out its hypolipemiant and hypotriglycerimiant effects.

Ingredients: Artichoke (Cynara scolymus) and vegetable magnesium stearate.

Directions: Nutritional supplement for adults, take six capsules daily between meals, with juice or water, or as indicated by an specialist.


IMPORTANT: Suitable for vegans



What do you take it for?
Reduces fluid retention
How is it taken?
Capsule / s with a glass of water
Size per dose
One service
How many times?
From one to three times a day
When should it be taken?
Between meals

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